Caprica First Episode Thoughts *Spoilers Inside*

I just watched the pilot and it was beautiful. I felt for all of the characters Zoe Graystone, Daniel Graystone, Joesph Adama, and even Tamara Adama who was screaming incoherently that this wasn't right and where is she. Which to me is a show what understandable reaction. I mean imagine being blown up and all of a sudden being in a pitch blach scary room with nothing in it (graystone shouldve at least decorated the place lol). The show has the potential to, dare I say it, even surpass BSG since they are on a collection of planets and part of a civilization that can more readily express complex situations, scenes, and scenarios (they are not suck in a few small ships in space). Who knows it might even become "mainstream sci-fi) :O

One of the important things that I noticed is that when the sister is talking to Lacy Rand and she says, "You dont know how special Zoe was to US and STILL IS!" Does this mean that the supernatural one god is manipulating things on Caprica. Or does this just mean that the sister and her one god lackeys THINK that he is and that is why they killed Zoe, so that she and her virtual copy could fulfill some destiny. :O

Personally the one negative thing that I can possibly see is that once it goes onto tv alot of the raw grittiness and raunchiness of the pilot will be reduced just because you cant show that on tv. :( Hopefully it wont take away from it too much. The V-club would be pretty badass until someone said they were who they weren't :O nooooooo! LOL




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May 1, 2009 2:19PM EDT

I loved it. I thought the point of the V club was that all the horror and the sex was meaningless when put against the Big Questions in life and that you had to go past all that to go where there was something more interesting. Yes, I thought it was a tad raunchy for the telly too, but.....a lot of that stuff gets through nowadays, especially if they can argue context. After all, it's just nudity I guess, and the killing you can catch on just about any cop show.I don't know about the one-God manipulating things - I don't think Zoe is still alive at the school somehow - I believe she thought she was going to start a new life elsewhere and not be blown up - but there may be another access programme at the school. I could certainly see the teacher frequenting the V club! lol.Poor Zoe. Imagine coming to and finding yourslef a six foot metal monster!

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May 13, 2009 10:01PM EDT

great observations on the V club! but on the sister talking to Lacy Rand and she says, "You dont know how special Zoe was to US and STILL IS! I was meaning to say that they Zoe who WAS special to them is the real Zoe and the Zoe who is STILL special to them is the robot Zoe. I think that the sister purposely had the real Zoe killed in order to fulfill a prophecy (probably of the Cylons coming into being). I apologize for not making that more clear :P

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Aug 6, 2009 12:55PM EDT

I think it's possible that if your sibling dies, though they might be dead in the flesh sense, to you, they will always be there and special, maybe someone you talk to when you're down etc. I think a person can be special, in the present tense, to their family even though they've died.

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