The Mentalist: Season 1 Episode 16: "Bloodshot"

I really liked this episode where Jane is injured in an explosion and is temporarily blinded at the beginning of the show. Jane has to use other senses to help solve the murder of the person who died in the explosion. I thought the beginning was very graphic where the guy is in the van with the bomb. Jane can't help him and I really empathized with Jane.

The parts of the episode where we glimpse Jane's life before he started working with CBI was also very interesting to me. We haven't seen very much about that, and it is something I hope we get more of as the show evolves.

Another part of the continuing plot which is advanced in this episode is Rigsby's infatuation with Van Pelt. It seems to me that Rigsby can't seem to do the right thing in this regard. I like the idea of these two characters together, but Rigsby needs to grow up a lot if this is ever going to happen.


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