Love the Books, like the show

I am on the third book right now, and the first two were wonderful. I do like the show, but you know how it is when you read something and then watch the movie or show. I am very critical about certain things. The part about Jason and the "V" bothers me, but I guess they have to give him something to do in the series. The Tara character really gets on my nerves and I hope she gets better, but she only shows up about the middle of the second book and I am not even sure it is supposed to be the same person. I really love Lafayette and it is sad that he dies so soon into the second book. My husband is stationed overseas in Iraq and he started watching the series and just loves it. I hope the second season is just as good and I look forward to reading all of the books.


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Oct 26, 2008 8:29PM EDT

Yeah, I get your point, and i am going to read the 6th book now. tara is fun in the show if, and only if, you don't read the books, because in the books she is just.. plain idiot. but still, i think it's great SEEING the people and all, it gives them a new dimension, but it's much slower than the books because you have a rendez-vous every week...

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