Better than Six Degrees of Separation

Mr. Smith's acting has definitely matured. While the audience was left to walk on faith of his long standing career as a good actor, rather than have every piece of detail spoon fed, not a moment was wasted.

The writers and producers are truly visionaries, like those of Vantage Point.

Regrettably, there were a few patrons that did leave during the movie, but I am going to count them as moving hoppers and not this movie haters.

Confusion, was the first state of being the movie placed me.

Intrigued was the next.

Concerned soon followed.

Hopeful entwined with Romanticism took it to the next level.

Regret, mourning and uttered disbelief topped the charts... leaving me to exit the theatre drying my eyes.

This movie was outstanding.

It has allowed me to become a fan of Rosario Dawson!!! That woman is beautiful, intelligent and so thorough in her character.. right down the the facial expressions.

Thank you for this presentation.

Thank you for inviting the brains of the viewers to get involved..not just be entertained.


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