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sneak peek into episode 15 (spoiler)

so we have all heard about possibly nate and vanessa

i was surfing you tube and i saw a little something that might interest you all

Nate and Vanessa

i personally hate vanessa, but thats just me



| 02:38 EDT, 30 Apr, 2008
I don't know how i feel about vanessa. on one hand she could be a manipulative snake, but on the other she could be a really sweet person, scarcastic, but sweet
| 01:01 EDT, 29 Apr, 2008
will serena and dan be together?
| 00:59 EDT, 29 Apr, 2008
dan is gay right?ive read some overviews bwt d episodeit turned out he concluded himseld a gay......i really dont like it...pls... answer me thank....
| 21:52 EDT, 28 Apr, 2008
i thought i was the only one who wanted jenny n nate to be together!!! i dont like vanessa either why is she still there? she's annoying!!
| 05:28 EDT, 28 Apr, 2008
i hate vanessa too! i think she ruins everything in the show! but i kinda think that shes gossip girl!
| 20:35 EDT, 27 Apr, 2008
....actually Dan and Vanessa weren't ever boyfriend and girlfriend.They were best friends...with a little feeling there, but never together like that.Before she left, Dan confessed that he loved her...i think to stop her from leaving(not sure)...but i do know that they were never together intimately.anyway, i dont hate V. but i dont luv her either.As i would assume anybody would since she represents this high moral compass...and lets face it no one is that good.I think we all want people to identify with and Vanessa just isn't someone we can recognize walking down the street...well unless they are hiding sumin.Which is why we all dont trust her, we are just waiting for the ax to fall...i know she's gonna do sumin evil, i just know it. I so think that Nate should go after Serena, just to spice it up a lil!Buuut if i wanted him to be with anyone...i guess...nah only B. would make it fun.Buck forever though...:P
| 18:41 EDT, 27 Apr, 2008
I think Jenny and Nate, like the book...
| 09:27 EDT, 27 Apr, 2008
i agree with teddyfluffs4 real, jenny is getting to be a bitchier version of blairbut i love blari so i could be incredibly biased right nowbut blair is supposed to be the queen b and she will always be, like jenny im sorry but u dont have enough money so stop pretendinganyway i dont like vanessa cause she was so intrucive to serena and dan, plus she thinks she so much morally superior to themahhhi heart chuck and blair for eveeeeeer
| 04:01 EDT, 27 Apr, 2008
I think Nate is looking for the opposite personality of Blair and because Jenny is turning into Blair, I don't think that they would go well together.
| 22:38 EDT, 26 Apr, 2008
hmm...I thought that it was gonna be Jenny and Nate :) :P
| 21:31 EDT, 26 Apr, 2008
well i dont kn bout vanessa but there's jus something off about her, but she aint done anything wrong, she was jus acting out the hurt ex girlfriend still hung up on her ex boyfriend and finding out he now has sex yu kn thats kinda anyways dan and serena for eva...jenny kinda pisses me off a bit now...
| 16:08 EDT, 26 Apr, 2008
Vanessa is the 3rd best character behind chuck and rufus. Easily.She's well hot, hotter than Blair or Jenny. Maybe not Serena but given the choice it'd be difficult to make...Although I thought that Jenny and Nate would go well together as well
| 11:52 EDT, 26 Apr, 2008
well i like her
| 06:17 EDT, 26 Apr, 2008
It's kind of strange because but I would like to see Jenny and Nate together. I think they might make a cute couple!And I don't like Vanessa either there is something about her that just doens't seems right*-)!
| 03:30 EDT, 26 Apr, 2008
Vanessa is repulsive and conniving. She looks like a snake. Why would simple boys like Dan or Nate like her? Obviously there's more to her than meets the eye.
| 22:48 EDT, 25 Apr, 2008
I don't like Vanessa either - not with Nate anyway!

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