Cloverfield Greatest movie ever!

Hello everyone, I wanted to past my reiview of the film on to everyone so that they would go see this awesome movie. I alot of people are saying that the film is crappy and it's a waste of time. They are sadly mistaken, the film was one of the best movie I have seen in a while. The film takes place around a group of friends and stays involving them. This film is not your typical monster film, if your wanting to see a film that revolves around the monster then this isn't the film for you. The film is suppose to be centered around the people. It shot the way it was shot so that you could experience the tragedy that the group of friends were facing. Now sure the camera work does give you a head ache at first because it moves alot. My problem was that I was focusing on certain people and not looking that they entire scene. Honestly you have to watch it like that or the headache will not go away. Many are complaining at the camera work, but looking at it from a creative side. All of the camera shots were meaningful, they suggested moods to the audience. I loved the film and would suggest you go into the theater without expectation because I did and it turned out to be one my top film. Judge it for yourself!


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