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pilot vs ep 1

so by now we all know that there was 2 versions of the first episode. But aside from the major difference of Tara being a different actress, what else was there different? Tell me if i was the only one who noticed some girl in the forest when Sookie was rescuing Bill who seemed to help her out? It seemed to me that she was some how connected to the dog, but im not sure.


| 10:14 EDT, 07 Oct, 2008
I think that the lady in the pilot is the one they referred to in episode 3 as being even older than Eric and probably the woman who made Bill a vampire in Bills flashback in 'Sparks fly'. She seems to think she owns Bill which should make things interesting for the Sookie-Bill dynamic! I didn't cop the Sam-dog connection, good one Dodmy! It would explain the barking in his sleep, and why he thinks differently to everyone else. Sookie mentioned that he sometimes thinks in noises or waves of emotion.
| 02:33 EDT, 07 Oct, 2008
well let's just point out that the lady in the woods was wearing a RIDICULOUSLY obvious fairy costume...... please don't throw rocks at me, buy the books :D
| 20:46 EDT, 05 Oct, 2008
# Strange Love via That is the link to the pilot with the other Tara actress and the lady in the woods.
| 07:12 EDT, 30 Sep, 2008
where can i watch the other episode, i only watched what's here.where's the other episode, the pilot? is that with the different actress?do you have a link
| 01:45 EDT, 29 Sep, 2008
where can i find this? ive tried to but i can only get episode 1
| 22:22 EDT, 28 Sep, 2008
Hm.. so you thought it was the queen? I thought it was Claudette.
| 19:40 EDT, 28 Sep, 2008
I wonder why they did not keep the scene in the second version of the pilot...maybe because they wanted to go deeper in the romance thing!In the vampire community there is a strong hierarchy and even a monarchy, this lady is the key to many answers but mostly the reason of Bill arrival in Sookie's life, so there is nothing innocent around there except maybe Sookie, if she, is really what we believe she is!
| 11:35 EDT, 28 Sep, 2008
So wait, what the hell happened when Sookie threw that chain at mac ratray and it started tightening? Was that sookie or was it the lady? Cuz one ep. shows tha lady in tha background, and it might link to her... any answers without revealing anything???????? Pleeasee??
| 21:44 EDT, 27 Sep, 2008
there is much more to it, but if I tell there will be no surprise! so hard not to spoil when it's already written in a book!
| 13:54 EDT, 27 Sep, 2008
I don't think the lady is connected to the dag. SAM is. in the 3rd episode Sam is barking in his sleep also when a different dog came Sam all the dog his brother. i think they are connected.
| 11:32 EDT, 27 Sep, 2008
I have no idea. I noticed the girl, but didn't think a second thought about once I saw episode 1. I mean, I was wondering what the deal was, but I figured they were playing with ideas for the script and weren't ready to introduce a character.
| 00:44 EDT, 26 Sep, 2008
yes i noticed that girl in the woods as well, i think she was connected to her dog
| 00:12 EDT, 24 Sep, 2008
ohh I only watched the first few minutes of the pilot (rough one), to see what the other actress was like. Hmm maybe I should watch the whole thing!

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