Alternate endings to BSG

There has been a lot of ink spilled by a lot of people relating their dissatisfaction with the BSG finale. It's probably true that no matter how you did it, there would be some people who would be dissatisfied, but nonetheless it seems like the episode didn't hit the sweet spot for many fans.

My man Leonard Richardson, though, has taken things one step further and, after analyzing the reasons for his discomfiture, has proposed an alternate ending which he finds more pleasing. I think everyone who was unhappy with the finale should do this. Then we can compare notes.

Check it out at News You Can Bruise:


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Mar 25, 2009 9:01PM EDT

are you guys nuts? did you really suggest that nonsense as a proper end to the series? It WASNT a B-movie deus ex machina Starbuck (my favorite, most well written, and beautifully played character of the series) took us there. From the colonial beacon, to the piano notes, to the final jump she inched her way there all season. I was very happy with the end, the original earth was not what was what they expected then again dreams rarely manifest themselves as we want them to, but still they called this new planet they find "earth" because they wanted to fulfill the dream and not have it die. I like the thing with starbuck (her being an angel reborn like a phoenix (first to fly the blackbird in the flight of phoenix episode look at my 'mystery of starbuck' comment) to lead her people to earth). I even came to except them giving up technology, reluctantly of course :P, in order to give mankind another chance so they could try and not repeat everything all over again. It happened before but doesn't have to happen again. Oh and BTW the point of the scene with Cavil and his troops was to show that the colonials DID TRY to make a truce but it wasnt meant to be. Divine intervention came into play and had Cavil killed because God or who ever knew Cavil would come back to kill the humans/good cylons. Also human resurrection, any type of resurrection is SO STUPID, that just means you live forever and LIFE LOSES ITS MEANING. As the show ended Ron Moore wanted the characters to become more human not less. Taking this into consideration I dont have to explain how there would be a loss of individuality if there where multiple copy human beings. In fact that is what MADE Cylons so INHUMAN. Dont be soo DENSE people.

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