Moroccan Christmas (spoilers)

I just have to say that this episode was the funniest in a long time. I mean, i practically laughed the whole way.

First there was Jim's prank on Dwight which we were long overdue for one. Thank god for that.

Then we have Dwight and his 'My horn and pierce the sky!' Princess Unicorn dolls. You can read all about it at believe it or not. haha. Funny how he disses it. Add to that Michael singing the "My horn can pierce the sky" jingle.

Also in this episode, we have Michael, who is convinced Meredith is an alcoholic, trying to have an intervention which he explains is a "surprise party for people who have addictions and you get in their face and you scream at them and you make them feel really badly about themselves and then they stop." haha. He later on he drives Meredith to a rehab center. It was hilarious how Meredith was trying to run away. haha It was really nice of Michael and i do have to agree that Meredith does have a big affinity for alcohol. It's nice that they paid some attention to the other minor characters in the office.

I thought the Phyllis and Angela parts were less funny compared to the rest of the episode but served the purpose of letting Angela's secret out of the bag. And as usual, Dwight was well Dwight in this situation feeling he had done nothing wrong and Andy was oblivious as always completely absorbed with the sitar. Wonder what will happen next since everyone in the office knows now.

Only thing i hated was that Michael threw the pen into Toby's face. Not nice at all.

Overall I give this episode a 9/10.

Other notable moments:

Dwight's five fingered intervention: Awareness, Education, Control, Acceptance and Punching

Dwight: Falalalalalala kaching

Meredith's belly dancing

Toby's reaction when he bought a $400 black princess unicorn doll form Daryl

Michael's "Are you an alcoholic?" checklist


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