Favorite moment

My favorite moment in the show was after Rusty tells Jen K " You are the last person to talk about consideration cause I really would like to believe that if you gave us any consideration, you never would have written the article." She leaves, then Dale comes up to Rusty, takes out a piece of paper and when Rusty asks him what it was, Dale (stammering) tells him its about a guy on a beach. Then Rusty tells him that he doesn't wanna hurt him while Dale is still talking about the poem and then Rusty goes up to hug him. I think that moment captured their friendship perfectly. It shows that although Dale doesn't care much for the things Rusty does (fraternity, having sex with Jen, etc...), he will always be there for him as a friend, no matter how he shows it.

My other favorite moment was when Rusty asks Jen K: "Will you come back to my room and have sex with me in front of Dale?" to piss Dale off.


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