Hamlet 2 - Review

The trailers for Hamlet 2 had me hooked from the beginning. There is just something about a film that makes a racial slur in the trailers that makes it irresistible. Sadly I wasn't able to catch Hamlet 2 in theaters. So, the other day I was ecstatic to see Hamlet 2 sitting on the new releases rack.

The driving force in Hamlet 2 is Steve Coogan, playing Dana Marschz, a high school drama teacher. I know I have seen Dana Marschz before but for the life of me I can't remember. I am not talking looks, but the character. I know I have seen the same personality, jokes, and attitude in another film. Would somebody please help me figure it out!?!? I am not bashing the role, I loved it. Coogan really made the film. There is just something about a bi-polar drama teacher that I think any high school student in America can relate to. At one point or another you have had a crazy teacher like Dana Marschz and finally there is a film about it.

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