Bones Has Become Too Cheesy - And It's Annoying.

It all started with "The Bond in the Boot." A James Bod type episode sounded exciting enough. Then a few clues led to the victim's identity seemingly being a modern-day James Bond. But then the logical conclusion was given.

In "The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken", several clues pointed the victim being a chicken. But then, again, a "logical" conclusion.

Finally, in last week's episode, a seeming leprechaun turns to be a wrestler with Dwarfism.


Why? One, it's too cheesy. The first time it was forgivable. The second time, a nuisance. The third time, downright annoying.

I've noticed that these plotlines were used when the writers wanted to progress Booth/Bones relationship. Fine. I, for one, am over their relationship and "love" and hence, I realize that these types of episodes have a giant drawback: They minimize on the other crucial aspect to Bones' success - the crime solving.

In these episodes, all the murders well, they were too easy, it seemed. Wrapped up too quick so that Booth could contemplate everything that wasn't wrong with him after the brain surgery.

I really love Bones, the show. I love Bones and Booth, but I love the WORKING together. They don't seem to be working as much as they should be. Please! Bring back the science and crime-stoppers. That's what made the sexual tension and romance between Bones and Booth great in the first place. Why ruin a good thing?


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Nov 15, 2009 4:57PM EST

I agree... Waaaay too cheesy! No need to add to what you said ;)

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Nov 15, 2009 8:47PM EST

Yes! I hardly want to watch it anymore. . .

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Nov 15, 2009 9:28PM EST

i totally agree. for some reason i don't want to see bones and booth be together, cuz that will be too predictable just like all other TV shows -- the 2 main characters always end up together. the crime solving and the humor in bones' social awkwardness are the main reasons i fell in love with this show at the first place. now they almost completely ruined it :'(

Nov 15, 2009 10:12PM EST

I respectfully disagree. This is a the payoff I have been waiting for! But we probably just love different things about the show. Sorry it is frustrating for you all.Hopefully they will find a balance between the two for both audiences.

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Nov 16, 2009 12:35AM EST

I am also going to respectfully disagree. I admit that they need some better crimes and better murderers, but if they put off dealing with the Booth/Brennan relationship any longer then it becomes completely unrealistic and ridiculous. Plus, I think Booth and Brennan finally getting together would be a lot more interesting then them staying apart. They would have a whole array of new personal issues to deal with, I mean can you even imagine them as a couple? There are tons of ways the story can go on after that! Whereas if they stay apart all people will think about is when they will get together. So yeah bring on the better crimes but having a couple crime-solving team is not going to ruin the show.

Nov 17, 2009 12:08AM EST

Sorry But in my opinion its a tv show that was leading no where we just knew the whole time they love each other but thats about it. I mean he is this guy with everything but can't even aproach who he is in love with. He was sort of turning into a wuss anyway because he cant get the girl he wants. Come on its a tv show not short movies so it needed to lead to something

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Nov 17, 2009 2:11PM EST

I very much agree about the spy, chicken and leprechaun. That's just getting silly. And we do need to see a few really good crimes in this season, which were missing in the last season as well, I think. However, I do love to see the Bones and Booth relationship progress and all the loveliness/heartache that brings. I'm sure a good enough balance can be found between these things. They just need to stop with the sensationalist, cheesy concepts.

Nov 18, 2009 7:04AM EST

I, too, want Brennan and Booth to get their relationship going, but I believe that the show is slowly losing its brainy appeal in the process. Surely there is a way for Booth and Brennan to get it on without the quality of their cases going downhill? The spy was okay, but the chicken and the leprechaun were just plain ridiculous.

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Nov 22, 2009 7:07PM EST

I agree essylde - It is absolutely loosing its brainy appeal! I also think Brennan needs to be in the lab more, she is so smart and a lot of her awkward witty banter between her and booth that we all love comes from her being a brainy scientist, she is being detective first lately, she needs to be scientist first, detective second. I agree the stories are becoming so cheesy, I used to look forward to new episodes and still do, but sometimes feel disappointed now. Maybe they need an ongoing mystery like a serial killer that leaves his/her victims fleshless or a pile of bones and is hard track so it carries throughout the season, with other cases in between of course. And during that, it could still leave a possibility for Bones and Booth to become closer intimately by frustration or bickering between what could find the killer faster, science or FBI..which could also end the possible relationship if that's the way they want to take it. It would also leave room for more characters to come in, as Angela's new crush, or Jack's crush or a love triangle for Bones . There is tons of potential for this show and I'm not giving up on it! Just spice it up!

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