A Dose of Reality for Gossip Girl's "The Hurt Locket"

The Hurt Locket - It almost pains me that the title of this week's episode resembles this year's Best Picture.

I feel like I drop several IQ points each time I watch Gossip Girl - which is probably why I keep watching it. I don't know any better!

Either way, this was a terrible episode from every aspect, but I'll focus on just one:

Yes, this is a show about rich, spoiled kids who have everything handed to them on a silver platter. But can we at least make it a TAD realistic?

First of all, Jenny has never given ANY hints about being interested in drugs, and then, out of the blue, she becomes a drug dealer's personal assistant? Simply because she was thrown into giving him a tour of the city? Yeah right! The writers briefly alluded to her being in a phase of "rebellion." If this is a rebellion, why isn't she taking the drugs herself?

Next point on the agenda: Rufus. Rufus who has "always" been in love with Lilly since they were friends as kids. Remember that Rufus? Well, out of the blue, he's changed and visits other women simply because Lilly "kissed" her ex-husband. But not before he spends weeks moping around about it, REFUSING to talk to Lilly. C'MON! Yes, interesting plot lines are needed but don't sacrifice the character because you can't come up with something better!

And don't even get me started on the fact that Chuck - who is so promiscuous - is free of STDs. Oh, and at 20, he can invest in entire hotels. Whoa, dose of reality there as well.

And the whole Nate and Serena not being able to keep their hands off each other. By all means, writers and producers of Gossip Girl - perpetuate the lie that a relationship cannot start without sex and that it's sex that makes the relationship "work." I mean, can ANYBODY on Gossip Girl keep it in their pants? I'm surprised Jenny is a virgin!

Anyway, before you bash me on the fact that this is just a TV show. Yes, I realize that, thank you Capt'n Obvious. But I also know that in order to tell a meaningful story, you have to incorporate some truth in it. The whole story can be fictional but it has to make the reader (or viewer in this case) feel like they can relate to some aspect of it. Not all - but some.

Since few of us are filthy rich brats, what else does Gossip Girl provide for us that we can relate to? Oh yes, that's right. Nothing.

Do you agree?


Mar 9, 2010 7:48PM EST

I agree with you so much! I, like you don't know why I watch this show considered it's such a yawner now! The storylines are in opposition with the character's personalities and I feel it has lost its edge and sense of novelty. I personally am going to stop watching this once-gem-now-treacherous show after this season just because I feel that I have invested alot of time into watching this show and just should wait till the end of the season. In this episode, Blair was super annoying with her selfishness, Chuck is now played by someone I don't recognize, Dan/Vanessa were virtually non-existent, Nate/Serena can't control their hormones and immaturity and Lily/Rufus is beyond childish. I think for those that value their IQ and sanity stick to House M.D. and The Big Bang Theory on Mondays!

Default avatar cat
Mar 9, 2010 10:16PM EST

Don't forget Chuck, Castle and How I Met Your Mother. Of all the named shows, I'd recommend Chuck the most.
It has wit, grit and something for everybody. :)

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Mar 10, 2010 2:44PM EST

"I feel like I drop several IQ points each time I watch Gossip Girl - which is probably why I keep watching it. I don't know any better!" yes! yes! and sadly yes! this episode was terrible

Default avatar cat
Mar 16, 2010 11:37PM EDT

I agree completely. I can't believe how brilliant this show was, yet within half a season it has been completely ruined. I keep watching just praying and hoping to see that....I don't know what it was, but the thing that made the first 2 seasons so brilliant, but it just isn't there anymore. The biggest problem is the characters all grew up too fast for it to be believable, and now they are all just acting like idiots. Not one of them resembles the characters they were in season 2, well except Nate, who just carried on being pointless and obsessing over serina and not keeping it in his pants. I really want to stop watching but I feel like I should just see what happens now I've invested time into the show. But tbh a few more episodes like this and I will be too annoyed to watch anymore.
Plus what happened to there actually being a point to the Gossip Girl character. She used to be the all knowing, all seeing entity that the characters dreaded any information being leaked to. She could meddle with and jeer at the characters situations on the show. Now she just points out Stuff that is happening on the screen, and the characters dont even really care that she exists anymore. Tbh I don't even understand why GG is interested in these annoying characters anyway. She should have just stuck to high school.

Mar 24, 2010 12:26PM EDT

we might just be "filthy rich brats" but GG is realistic.Okay, Some of those things are exaggerated but 96 percent of the time it relates to our lives. And believe it or not but our lives are just as difficult as yours. We stumble through life just like someone else (only we stumble in handmade italian shoes).We laugh with the show but infact we're laughing at our own lives wich is quit pathetic, I know.
We know that a million girls want to trade shoes but they only see the good side (from GG and OTH). They want to be a brooke or a blair. But most of the time the reallife brookes and blairs are sad girls. Imagine parents who work all the time and beeing brought up by a nanny, when you make a mistake you're considered dumb and when you're beeing unfriendly you are a total bitch who eats freshmen for breakfast. You have to be nice to selfish men who are so full of themself and you have to go to parties you despise.It puts a huge pressure on you but if they would make a show about that not even a single person would watch so let those little girls live on their cloud. Let them think that one day they'll bump in to mister right with the million dollar bankaccount and be just as perfectly happy as the 5th ave and park ave princesses and queens.And if you're down to earth, do just like we do sit back, relax ,watch and laugh 'till your abs hurt

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