Burn Notice Review: Good Intentions

The title of this episode becomes obvious as the episode progresses.

The "bad guy", Gabriel, is willing to kidnap and kill certain personnel of a certain company. A terrible thing? Of course. But it is done out of good intentions - he wants the company to stop killing little children in his home country of Argentina.

The interesting thing about this episode is that it was Fiona's case as opposed to Micheal's. In fact, Mike provided very little assistance, especially in comparison to the assistance that Fiona provides him in previous episodes. She handled the case mostly on her own and in doing so, we saw a very different side of Fiona.

For one, we learned more of her sister's death and how that affected Fiona. We also learned why she became affiliated with the IRA - for revenge since it was a British man that killed her sister.

I enjoyed this episode because it showcased Fiona and helped us to understand her from a different angle. No longer is she just the "trigger-happy girlfriend." As Gabriel put it, her and him are not so different. Both were fueled by revenge for good intentions - they wanted to right the wrong of the death of a loved one.

However, Fiona rose past Gabriel because unlike Gabriel, she still had the will to live and to do other things after her plans for revenge did not go down.


Of course, as spectacular Fiona's adventures were, they were not the highlight of this episode.

The highlight was the propelling of the plot with Gilroy.

As a side, I would like to say that I /really/ hate it when an episode picks up speed and you desperately don't want it to end but when you look at the time, you see there is a meager five minutes of the episode left. xD

The surprise twist of the episode is that the plane carrying the EXTREMELY bad guy which Gilroy will help divert, well, this guy is out to get Michael and he's using Gilroy to do it.

Oh and his name is Samuel. The episode ends with Gilroy and his car exploding in flames and Michael barely getting out.

That is ALL we know.

Yes, thank you Burn Notice writers. I will officially be INSANE for the next week waiting for the next episode. I love to hate cliffhanger endings!


Overall, excellent episode in all aspects. Burn Notice truly is one of the most underrated gems in television.


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