Survivor: Samoa Predictions - How do you think it will all go down?

To recap, here is who is left:









How do you think it will all go down, week by week?

Next week, unfortunately, I think Mick's going to go. I believe they will try and unsuccessful attempt to eliminate Russell, to which he'll play the immunity idol and therefore, his vote will be the only one to count. And of course, he'll vote for the player that's most dangerous to him - Mick, who has Russell's plan, it seems, all figured out.

The following weeks, I think will see Shambo, Monica, Dave, and Jaison leaving - probably in that order. The top three, I think, will be Brett, Natalie, and Russell, of course.

I can't see Russell winning the million - who's going to vote for him? I'm hoping Natalie wins but Brett is a strong contestant. If it IS those three, I can see Natalie turning on Russell.

How about you? What do you think will happen over the next few weeks? :)



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Dec 5, 2009 10:42PM EST

I think Brett may win. He has been flying under the radar for so long, everyone is intent on destroying each other before him.
I don't think Russell will get to the final three, as once he is forced to play the immunity idol, he will have nothing to stand on. He rarely performs well in challenges, I thought he would have that one last week in the bag as it was solely on strength. Unless it is his tactic to perform badly so he is only a social threat, not a physical one.
If Shambo stays in the game any longer, I will HAVE to stop watching Survivor because she annoys me THAT much. She is so self absorbed it is ridiculous.

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Dec 6, 2009 12:17PM EST

To Connor:
I doubt the individual challenges make a SIGNIFICANT difference in deciding who to vote out, at least to the castaways.
Remember that their challenge is only one hour, max, out of the 24 that they spend together.
The social and political aspect of it is enormous.
Plus, Russell has never had the NEED to perform well in the challenges - he's always had the immunity idol on him. Why strain yourself more than necessary, right?
As much as I would love to see Russell go - mostly for the great TV entertainment - I doubt he will.
And yes! Shambo needs to go.
Mind you, her chicken soup WAS the most effective way to preserve the nutrients. She was dead-on about that.

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Dec 7, 2009 4:18PM EST

Shambo is funny....annoying, yes...but her stupidity is actually hilarious at times. I think she should stick around for a little bit longer just for that...I hated Russell for most of the season, everything about him just made me angry and i just wanted someone...anyone to take a strong stand against him and to get him OUT!! opinion changed after the last episode. Yes, he's manipulative and sneaky and ridiculously cocky...but he's also incredibly smart and had played a brilliant game so far. He's managed to be the one in control throughout this whole time without ever having a target on his back or most people even knowing what he's up to...and that is impressive.I actually feel like, after all the sh*t he's pulled, he deserves to win in the end.Who i want to see in the finals is Russel, Mick and Natalie...i love all three of them and i think all of them deserve to win it in the end. However, it seems extremely unlikely...Things have happened in this season that i never expected to happen so i really dont have any predicitions...just hopes of who i want to win...

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