Waiting and waiting

any one know when torchwood will be back?


| 22:10 EDT, 24 Mar, 2010
there is Dr. Who, Torchwood, and the Sarah Jane Chronicles.... though i never like SJC
| 20:30 EST, 27 Feb, 2010
liquidmind, you said other Doctor spinoffs. What are they?
| 16:29 EST, 12 Feb, 2010
thanks but I started torchwood when I ran out of Dr who.
| 10:13 EST, 12 Feb, 2010
I share your pain. But I recommend to watch Dr. Who or the other dr. who spinoffs. There are a couple BBC-Series in that universe, you might not know yet but find interesting.
| 17:31 EST, 11 Feb, 2010
Nope, but at least we know that there will, in fact, be a 4th series, and I heard something about an American run-off.

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