"Scrubs" meets "Sex and the City"

If the above mentioned had a love child it would -without a shadow of doubt- be 'Cougar Town'. As a hardcore Scrubs fan, I decided to forget the fact that Bill Lawrence has been involved with this promising sitcom and watched the pilot. But I was very disappointed when Christa Miller's character was introduced to us. How hard would it be for Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel to write a different character for her. We all loved her in Scrubs, but does this really fit in as Courtney Cox's gal-pal?

For me, the title of the show kind of gave it away and I knew what I would be expecting to watch. "A single middle age woman who likes younger men" and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In my humble opinion the circle of Courtney Cox (which reminds me of Samantha) and her friends, is very similar to that of "Sex and the city", a group of friends are struggling with their love lives. I expected a bit of originality. In addition to that, I think the main characters of Cougar Town are hunted by their past characters in their previously more popular sitcoms that they have starred in. Jules Cobb to me, is as competitive as Monica in friends, Busy Philipps is her fun-loving self as she was in some of her previous roles. Need I carry on about Christa Miller?

On the other hand though, unlike many others I like the father and son relationship as much as Jules' careless bf -who is just realising what he has lost- and Jules. Or what some of us go through before a -sex guranteed- date.

I may have sounded harsh on this sitcom but I still believe we should give it sometime so it can pick itself up and [hopefully] come up with more originality and unpredictable jokes (and/or comedy moments). I certainly will continue to watch 'Cougar Town'.


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Oct 22, 2009 1:56AM EDT

You know, I loved this show. I definitely agree that I saw some aspects in it that remind me of previous shows-- Friends and Sex in the City-- but that's one thing I like about it, the nostalgia I get from those aspects, as well as the new situations and characters.
I love love love the relationship between Jules' two BFFs-- they love to hate each other, but yet are also totally flattered whenever the other one says something kind about them. I love love love the relationship between Jules and her "paper buddy"-- are they going to sleep together sometime?-- she loves to torment him in her friendly, bubbly way, and he loves to pretend to get annoyed by her attention. I love love love Jules' son, and how he interacts with both his parents. I just can't get enough of this show. I'm a fan!

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