The Plot Starts

So we had our introductory episode with the pilot and it was rather cliche. This one at least seemed to make in roads into semi-original plot concepts. It's not every starter series that jumps straight for new age hypnotic music.

The fact that they only used the music to induce a single emotional state was sad, but it was well explained. Which, makes good sense. I also like how they don't try to explain how the stuff works, just that it does. How many average civilians (not you nerds) understand exactly how a computer works?

I also liked how they are already separating into an "Us" and "Them" mentality when they didn't want to alert the regular F.B.I. even though he was making a "love connection" with her.

We also got to see a little bit into Myka's personal life, which was nice, and will hopefully continue. However, the fact that her story paralleled the plot so obviously was a little over the top cheesy. They should at least draw things out, or have them be a little deeper. After all, Myka will be around for more than 42 minutes.

I do like that they're keeping the head of secret service in the game too, and I like it even better that he's getting to it with the head of Warehouse 13. That makes it seem even more interesting. However, I hope we get to see more of Mrs. Fredrick later.

Then, right at the end. It started what is sure to be a continuing story arc. The shock it gave to him. I want to see more of that, and the character, if continued as is, would certainly obsess over it.


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