"If one is injured, we're all injured" Or "One live to save a thousand"? (3.04)

Well, the action is certainly on the rise. I really like how Torchwood worked out the plan. It didn't end well, but I liked the plan. I also liked how they blew holes in General-lady Johnson's belief system. They just showed her the truth.

Another favorite sequence was when Ianto gave a shout-out to the guy listening. I wish we knew what he does about it though.

From the words of the alien "the remnant will be disconnected," it sounds like they may have left him there on purpose to gather intelligence, they obviously knew he was still there, and still alive. Maybe they'd planned to only take 11 along and always to leave behind one so that they could watch the planet. From the fact that they could kill him just like that it shows that they had him hooked into their system somehow.

So how is the team going to get out of this? And how is the world going to go back to ignoring aliens now?


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