"Bing Bang Bong" Again?

Well, that was a relatively boring season finale for SVU. It was also rather cliche.

I sort of saw the end coming, but I didn't think it would be now. I figured they would let it build another episode or two before they did. After the NCIS version of this storyline though it was easy to spot this one coming.

Come on guys. I gave you high compliments last time and THIS is what you leave me with? No suspense, no cliff hanger, just "Bing Bang Bong"?


Jun 3, 2009 9:43AM EDT

I think they did well with not leaving cliffhangers, they are really annoying
However the plot was rather, predictable, i figured it was the short dude after he discovered the bloody fingerprint on the soda can. That was extremly sloppy by the side of the writters. It didn't make sense. The dude killed the woman and then had a cola? O_o Plus it showed shortie coming out of a gutter door holding it, too shorty since he arrived he discovered the can. Plus the fact that there was only ONE print suggesting only the perks thumb was bloody, they should've added that someone from the squad got suspecious.

It was a rushed episode that's for sure.

Jun 3, 2009 7:50PM EDT

Oh, the squad getting suspicious BEFORE the sushi incident would've been a good idea. Especially if they didn't let the audience know that.
You're definitely right though. It was a rush episode.

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