"I Can't Hack a Hick."

That's one of the best lines from tonight's episode. I love the alliteration of it. However, the comedy wasn't the biggest part of the show tonight. There was actually a serious message behind it.

I spent some years in the dying middle America. It wasn't where the death throes were happening, but we could certainly hear them from there. So the idea that guys fight to control something is important (it's also the same reason for anarexia, but that's the girl's version).

The fact that Eliot has to "fight to control what's inside" him (whether the character actually has to or he was just playing for the con) is another aspect that's really nice. Cliche, but really nice. (It's probably cliche because it happens so much in real life). The fact that he realizes where the fight actually is shows how much more Eliot is than just a pair of fists. There's really a brain under there, a pretty sharp one too (even if it is a monofocus).


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