He "turns away in shame."

Yes, he certainly would. Then again, the Doctor is usually anti-big wig, be they politicians, CEOs, military, or some other force he's always on the side of the little guy.

As for the episode itself. I was crying most of the way through it, and I almost couldn't finish it for sheer disgust. I'm a political science major. I know that sometimes sacrifices must be made for the greater good of all. That's perfectly fine. However, when you cold heartedly plot out how to avoid getting the mucky fallout on yourself and onto others, well that just makes my stomach turn. I was really hoping that Frobisher's secretary would kill the Prime Minister. Hhowever, her revenge was much sweeter than that.

As for why she had to take revenge. I didn't know that you could requisition a suicide/homicide kit from the British government; Requisition 31 good to remember.

As for the hard hitting bits of the episode. I had to distance myself before I could even start writing this. I was in tears. I was disgusted. The fact that the 4-5-6 are simple drug users makes their interstellar (maybe intergalactic) evilness seem so human. It was chilling, and terrifying, and pushed home the point that no sentient is ever free from the danger of things like that - addiction and vice.

It was a brilliantly done piece of work. It was frightening and moving, and terrifying. Watching the scenes where they take the kids, watching as Frobisher finds out that PM Greene is willing to sacrifice another's children (his kids) so casually and the terror in his face and voice made the scene heart-wrenching. Though I knew almost at once how it would end.

Of the three series in the Doctor universe this one is the best done for acting and moving the audience. The Doctor has his moments, but he's so happy go lucky that they don't come often. This was three years in the making as Jack listed the dead at the end. If they must end Torchwood, do it here do it now. If they carry on, then they'll have to wait for another climax like this (which is hard to imagine) to kill it off again. Otherwise the series will look like the actresses past their prime trying to pull off the hottie in the piece, and failing miserably.


Jul 11, 2009 9:36AM EDT

i agree, although i would like to add that these episodes had so much force because although technically the 456 (aliens) presented the problem it was humans that envisioned the way to comply to them and in so doing became the bad guys themselves.
as for the doctor, well everyone knows that DOCTOR WHO is better than TORCHWOOD anyway. But i do agree that this has defiantly been the best series to date as it deals with much darker things than the doctor ever could as a family program. And i do agree it would be the perfect place to end the show, however sad we are to see it go.

Default avatar cat
Jul 17, 2009 4:00AM EDT

I agree that the standards of these last few episodes are hard to match up to, but they should bring back Torchwood for the sake of the fans. Also, with something such as this there is potential of exploring even darker plot lines and themes.
And hey, if they do decide to continue on and it sucks, we still have Children of the Earth as memorial place holder, there is no losing situation:)

Jul 25, 2009 6:02AM EDT

While I kind of agree, it would be nice to see a series spin-off from the Doctor Who series that can actually last a more tangible fraction of the time DW has. Torchwood is the capacity to last quite a while. If they have to keep Jacks character to keep the series, then not quite as long as a series who's main character can change actors whenever one starts to get old, or the actor just plain bores of the role.

Default avatar cat
Sep 3, 2009 11:51PM EDT

The problem with Torchwood was that they just kept killing off characters plus the episodes themselves were very poorly written. Save for a couple like the one with the glove and with the plane when the people got stuck in the time warp and the girl fell in love with Owen when they came back and then she left at the end etc. The main character deaths were ridiculous I was like seriously?? Are you going to keep killing main characters and not bring in replacements? Cause that makes sense!
Plus trying to make EVERYONE in the show bi-sexual was weird cause not EVERYONE in really life is bi-sexual it just felt too forced. And im sure it weirded many people in the average population out. I mean one or two people would of been okay. But every single character in the team was bi or straddled the line. Crazy Russell Davies, lol

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