A Slightly Better Cliffhanger, but still not great (3.03)

Yay! I love it when we get to see into Cap'n Jack's past, and admittedly this is still far too recent for anything that I would go absolutely gaga over, it's still starting to hint at some of the horrid things he did in the past.

However, the aliens are not that impressive. They are the classic aliens that sci-fi has shown us before - think Independence Day in particular. At least that's what they kept reminding me of. Did anyone else get that impression?

My big question is what are the children to the 4-5-6? Do they eat them? Do they do strange experiments? Also, how did Clement McDonald get such an advanced sense of smell? Any speculations? Also if they are sending out signals that only children can hear why can Clement McDonald pick up on it? If they aren't doing that then how are they doing it? So many questions, and only two episodes left.

Spoilers below:

Twelve? They're jumping from twelve children to ten percent? Doesn't that seem a bit excessive to anyone else? I thought someone else said something about 128 or so children during the show. I remember the number because I remember thinking it was one of the computer numbers. Am I remembering it wrong? Or was 128 in relation to something different?



Default avatar cat
Jul 9, 2009 10:53PM EDT

It definitely reminded me of Independence Day too!

Jul 9, 2009 11:01PM EDT

Oh good. I'm not alone. There also seemed to be some scorpion like aspects too.

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