Upcoming Episode "INSTINCT" (Spoilers)

The upcoming episode of smallville .... will be really funny .... a new superhero .. come's in the picture .. and she has her eyes on clark ... Her name is MAXIMA and she's a queen from the planet of almerac .. and she is searching for her Lost love .. she comes to earth when Tess mercer trys to perform tests on clarks crystal and this sends a beam of light into the universe ... MAXIMA thinks its her SOUL MATE .. that sent her signal .. and she arrives on earth .. searching for him .. Unfortunatly MAXIMA'S kiss is too strong for a human and whoever she kisses dies instantly .. also MAXIMA has the ability to make her self irresistable to men and CLARK will not be Immune to this.

Also ..MAXIMA trys to kill LOIS because she thinks that theirs something going on between clark and her


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