Gossip Girl: Season 1 Episode 3: "Poison Ivy"

Of all the ridiculous ways to get back at someone, Blair really didn't even bother to find out what Chuck really knew. Yes he saw Serena come out of the Ostroff Center but did he really find out anything besides she was there for a little while? I mean if you're going to out someone like that to an entire audience, I would think you want to know what you're talking about. Though Blair and Chuck really don't strike me as the type that really think about what they are doing until they are done. Which then brings me to Serena's response, for all the girls smartness and cunningness, you would think that she would have come up with a better lie. That she was volunteering? Visiting a friend? But no, she accepts Blair's reveal to everyone and doesn't really try to defend herself at all, what is that?

Aside from that, it was nice to see that Nate truly tried to discourage getting the usher position. And even better to see that Dan's father would go to such extremes to make sure that Dan had an opportunity to get to the University rep of his choice. And it was ture to Dan's character that he tried to help Nate with the rep as much as he could. It was a nice exchange between the two of them, a nice possibility for friendship to come.

The last tad bit on this episode would be the relationship between Eric and Jenny. Here we have a relationship reversed. Not Jenny trusting too much at this point but Eric. Why Eric would tell his entire secret a girl he just meet wearing Blair's dress is sort of beyond me. But I suppose he felt moved to for whatever reason. Personally I enjoyed the moment where Eric told Blair off at the end for her outing his sister. And there is a nice possibility for a budding friendship with Eric and Jenny as the end of the episode is her visiting him.

It was nice that Blair did go find Serena at the end and the two ended their feud. Particularly poetic that Blair told Serena off for leaving her alone without notice. I was happy to see that for now the war between the two it girls of the Upper East Side have called a truce. But how long can it last?


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