Gossip Girl: Season 1 Episode 2: "The Wild Brunch"

Why would Serena keep using poor Dan to buffer her re-entrance into society? Poor Dan, though I do think he's slightly enjoying it. But what a Brunch, it was like those ancient Rome gladiators and lion fights. And emotions were already running high when the black eye that Chuck was sporting was from Dan. Dan only added to that tension by hitting Chuck again bad decision considering the Brunch was a Bass Family affair.

Nate really either needs to stand up for himself or make a decision. I mean you can't have a girl like Serena sneaking around to hide from a girl like Blair. Also that moment of climax where the group is standing in the center of the room and Chuck and Blair out Serena and Nate was a little over the top but perfectly enjoyable. Obvious question though if Dan has liked Serena for a while and wanted to date her, did he really think she was going to be chaste and perfect? Yes I understand the moral issues and social taboo created by sleeping with your best friend's boyfriend but at the same time I would think that Dan would defend Serena for who she is now.

The other thing I truly noticed about this episode was the clothing. DId anyone else appreciate the lace gloves and what seemed like the 1920s closet raid that the group was wearing? Also does Nate never go home? Him and Chuck are apparently living in the hotel that the father Bass bought. I would think that with the controlling father that Nate seems to have he would have to show up at home sometimes? And back on the clothing, I sort of loved the tails suit that Nate wore to meet Serena in the lobby of the hotel she was staying at.


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