Gossip Girl: Season 1 Episode 4: "Bad News Blair"

So Serena is back and fully herself, or so we're led to believe by Blair because we've never meet the not nice Serena. I'm not entirely sure that I believe the Serena really couldn't tell that Blair was just running late to the shoot. I think that if the two of them are such good and long time friends, it must only be obvious to Serena that Blair's mom had created the situation. Or maybe Serena really wasn't paying attention all those years before, maybe there is some of her old self left in this new re-created self?

Also how classy was Dan to offer his advice and condenses to Blair. I mean she has really never acknowledge him and he's fully aware she's a raging witch. But still he sat with her the hallway and gave her some words of advice and information on his personal life. I mean I don't know about you, but I'm not sure that no matter how good of a person I was I would ever share information about my personal life with Blair. And it was a great moment when Blair stood up to her mother. Even better was the moment that it seemed that Blair accepted Dan for Serena after all was forgiven.

Though I think my favorite part of the show is when I could actually like Chuck. I did have a moment for appreciating him for a second in episode 3, but here I really liked him. I mean aside from the lost weekend party and the need to force his own ideals and control on the rest of the group, the boy really stepped up as a friend. I liked how he understood that his friend was getting duped. And really Nat? A poker game with high stalks with a guy that doesn't have a trust fund anymore? You are not ready for the real world my friend. But it was nice to see that Chuck stepped in to help his friend and sincerely cared for him. Though that was interesting at the end of the episode did Nat lose his trust fund because he's refusing to go to the school that Daddy and Mommy wanted? We shall see as Gossip Girl keeps us informed right?


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