I love Merlin but...

Alright I love the show as much as the next person but yeah gotta admit its got some problems.

First Arthur is blind as a freaking bat, Merlin has used magic around him so many times you would think he would hear him muttering magic words or wonder why a tree branch suddenly falls, the ceiling collapses, a chandelier falls and this only happens when Merlin is around... but Arthur doesn’t ever stop to think you know I wonder why Merlin just shouted at that guy and now the roof has fallen in, Or how come Merlin never get hurt in battle but is sure a cluze when he's not?

How many knights dose Camelot have?? It’s like star trek and the guys in red shirts; one of them always has die.

Dragon lord episode: Merlin could always talk to the dragon, so when he was a dragon lord he could order the dragon around... well couldn't he have just talked to the dragon without being a dragon lord?? Also wouldn't Uther want the dragons body to make sure he's dead? If I hated magic that much I would do everything I could to make sure everything magical was destroyed Merlin only knew his father for 20 minutes and you would think Merlin would bother to learn some healing spells but no.

Merlin tried to kill Morgana and while he was holding her he didn't even say something like I'm sorry?? Way to make magical enemy there Merlin.

In season 3 there going to have some trouble, Merlin can't go to the dragon for advice!

Also if I had to work for an a$$ like Arthur, I would say screw destiny, I'm outta here!!


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Jan 5, 2013 2:50PM EST

just wundering how u posted in 1969
"19:00 EST, 31 Dec, 1969"

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