Past Life - No Thank You

I`m all for new ideas for tv shows, I do enjoy fresh thought out shows in an industry that barr a couple of exceptions seems to be devoid of ingenuity. Having said that though, this show Past Life is a severe disappointment. Personally I found the idea well beyond far fetched as a believable scenario for an hour long show, I also thought that although the acor who played the detective did well, his character was weak and cliched. The female lead was a bit too full on for an area of science that I would think would not be taken too seriously in real life scenarios and to top it off the back stories for both of theses characters were just dumped on to me in two seperate 30 second segments! This is only my opinion, but I think American networks need to start thinking more of the people who watch the shows that are on. Maybe shorter series that are longer episodes, along the lines of Inspector Morse, Cracker or Johnathon Creek from the BBC, actually a jc remake would be awesome - it would be really interesting to see if there was an american actor as capable as Alan Davies to play souch a complex character!


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