America's Best Dance Crew

Thsi show is so cool man. It's like the American idol for dancing. They've picked the sickest groups to battle it out in a dance competition. I like how each week the groups get a different song chosen for them to do and they can copy the moves from the video and then add in their own stuff. Some of these guys are crazy though. They climb all over eachother and do flips and crazy stuff. Its really entertaining. And whats nice about it is that if you miss the show, even though you cant vote, they've been showing lots of reruns on MTV so its cool. I can't really decide who my favorite group is. They're all really good. I dont like the all girl groups though. I dont think they were that good. I think out of all of them, femme 5 was the best and they sent them home! :( I think the JabbaWockeeZ are cool. I loke their look. They've got the masks and gloves and everything. Ooh and i LOVE the BreakSk8 group. These guys are crazy man!!! They dance around on roller skates! its sooo cool. Its like super disco roller night, on thursdays when they perform. Oh and I really like Iconic. They were one of my faves too. Too bad they went home. But i'd rather it be them than the Status Quo. They are the best. I love them. They always seem to get the best songs that fit them well. Like once they had cant touch this by MCHammer. That was some CRAZY stuff. They do their acrobatics and whatnot like right on the money. I feel bad for E-Knock cause he messed up his ankle but he seemed fine doing all those frontflips and stuff. They make a good crew. At this point, I can't even lean towards who will win, the competition is getting hot and the moves are even hotter.


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