Man that episode i saw the other night was sooooooo cool. i love how gus was scared to death to even step inside that room. and then he ended up getting trapped inside the museum. HAhA. oh and how at the end, sean was explaining this whole thing about the blind spot on the camera and how the mummy did it and everyone else just worried about arresting the guy and going home. it was funny. i also loved the facial expression gus gave when he saw the grey GMC outside in the parking lot and when he was tunring his car around he went in reverse and drive like ten times instead of keep on going and turning the wheel. it was also pretty funny how everytime the picture was in the paper that gus took, the spelt his last name gaster instead of guster or something. man that was hilarious. i also like the part where the white van just stops and hits a tree and gus is like "im takin my bat!"

man this show is so funny! its one of my favourites! i love it love it love it!!!!!!


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