Dirt Rocks!!!!

I feel so... slow. I just started watching dirt last night and it was really good. It was very interesting and I have to say if you love shows like nip/tuck you'll fall IN LOVE with dirt. I had no idea what the results of the show would be. Like at times I was like, ooh I know something is gonna happen. Like when that kid showed the pap guy his parents' "wine cellar". I was kinda expecting him to shove the guy in the closet and lock him there. But he let him take picture and everythign, and then "WHAM!". I was surprised at how awesome the episode was. So WARNING. THIS SHOW MAY BE ADDICTING! But yeah I thought the writers had a run for their money on that one. I give props to this show. It's really good. I wonder why I just started seeing it now... I mean c'mon! We're in the second season?!?! Where have I been!


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