Wasn't expecting that. There was a very good story line as to how his dad dies, and he pops his teacher, then hes on house arrest with nothing to do. He makes a twinkie tower!!! LOL!!! And next thing you know theres a killer on the loose. Crazy stuff!

The way he finds out about the crazy neighbor is that he spies on this new girl in the nieghborhood and she comes to his door and he makes up a lie that they think this guy is the killer of this girl in a newspaper. So now theyre on a stakeout, along with his friend Ronny. They try to get into his garage and into his car, then his house. But Ronny leaves his cell in the guys car. The girl is following him around town and hes very creepy. Kale keeps getting into trouble because he tries to go to this guys house, and his ankle bracelet keeps going off bringing in the cops. But the cop on call for him is none the less the teacher's cousin. How ironic.

The ending is a thriller. Heart pounding, what will happen next kind of feel too it. You'd think the guy killed his friend and his mom, but watch to see what really goes down.

Brilliant screenplay. Shia is the perfect guy for this movie.


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Jul 15, 2008 12:28PM EDT

Nice review! Good to have you back!

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