Dr. House has come back for me!!! Thank God!!!!!!!!

Ahh..... House is back and i think my heart rate is returning to normal. All the anticiptaion is over and we can enjoy the rest of the season. I have to say that was a pretty good episode. Very interseting. It was different, a good comeback and I think it got people back into the House mode.

As for next week, I think that one will probably become a better episode than this just passed one. It looks really cool and it gives the veiwers something to look forward to. Its about this lady thats out in the snow and she has to cure her own disease with the broadcasting help from House and his little workers.

As for the drama part on the show... I really have no idea whats going to happen. Thats why I am so infactuated with House because they always have a good reason to have fans tune in week after week. But I hope some good situations happen.

Oh and on the episode from last night... what was with that chick who gave House the flier to her play??? Do you think she will be on next weeks episode??? Well, you'll have to tune in next week to find out!!!

I LOVE HOUSE!!!! So gald my obsession has been almost fulfilled!!! <3


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