House MD-Frozen

THAT WAS THE AWESOMEST EPISODE EVER!!!!! WOW!!!!! I thought that was nice how House actually used her name and there was a conection between them. I also thought it was so cool when the guy drilled a hole in her head and she came out of the coma. I thought it was gross that he tasted he pee though. BLEH!! anyway, i still cant get over that Wilson hooked up with Amber aka cutthroat *****. Theres got to be some "read between the lines" foreplay to this situation. I cant believe Hugh id going grey!!!! I loved his hair and hes starting to look like an old man.... :'( hes still handsome though.

Oh and I thought it was funny that when Kate was on the video conference thing with House at his apartment, she had to do a self check and House puts on music that "sets the mood" LOL. I bet if she had taken off her socks from the beginning, she would have seen the broken toe and it would have been over sooner. But then again its TV so, theyve go to keep it interesting. Which I think in this episode they did a very great job on. I think that Kate was a very smart woman because she wanted to save the medicines for the other guy that was there because from the start, he broke an artery or something. He must have really loved her though. You could tell.

Great comeback for the season, but i was mad that it was on so late because of the superbowl. :( But i had the will to stay awake!! LOL


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