House M.D.

House is the absolute best show on tv ever. Every episode is really cool to watch because the writers have a really good sense of the medical world. They find the rarest cases for the patients to have and it creates a good atmosphere and challange to House and the gang. I love Hugh Laurie and his character (house) is so irresistable. His good looks are one thing but the personality gives a great perspective for me as a viewer because he always is stubborn and his non-conformist, arrogant traits makes all the difference. House's pesonality is usually what helps him solve the case along with his friend Wilson who always says the right thing to trigger House's mind and get him going. I also like how he is the doctor that doesn't wear a lab coat and pretty much has control over the relationship with Cuddy. And it's too funny that somehow he has a thing for firing his female diognostician's and then trying to date them.

You have to watch this show. It is really entertaining and you never know what House will do next. HUGH LAURIE IS THE BEST! :)


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