America's Best Dance Crew Finale

Awesome season for the new show. I loved Jabba from the beginning and I was glad to see them rise above and become the champs. They have such great talent,all of the crews, and I don't think anyone else out there probably realizes what a great opportunity this is for them. It's like they've started a whole new life and their career is just getting started. I hope to see BreakSk8 again some where and I can't wai for next season. This show has opened the eyes of dance crews all across the nation. It's a great show just like American Idol and it shows how much everyone from coast to coast loves this show. the number of receved votes just for the finale were over the top I think a great booster for that was that there was a voting poll on I love the judges and the show itself. Wondering how insane next season will be, and saying god luck to all the potential crews out there for the show, Shane was right. Jabba has set the bar for the next ten seasons. And Lil' Mama said they are the future. And it's true. They are amazing and I love the heart they pu into the characters with the white masks and gloves. They give the whole "break dancing mime" feel. And at the second to last battle, when the JabbaWockee spun on his head for minutes on end, that put the icing on the cake.


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