Very great movie. I love Juno's sarcasticly funny remarks and how shes totally mellow about the baby. It's funny how its like it doesnt really affect her until later whe shes yelling at bleeker, then you can tell shes mad. I also like how she's always going back to the guy that was gonna adopt her baby and they have so many things in common. They play guitar together, watch gross-out movies, listen to old cd's and they hang out a lot, while his wife Vanessa is out. She keeps them updated with the sonograms and whatnot, her dad is very supportive of her but her stepmom seems a bit uptight. Oh, and i love how Juno is driving around in this old loser cruiser. Its hideous!!! Which makes it ever funnier. I like bleeker. Hes a very funny character and the same kid from superbad. i dont think anyone else would have been a good person to play this role. his facial expressions are always like neutral, and he always seems to go with whatever juno decides. i thought it was dumb how he was gonna go to the dance or whatever with another girl instead of her. :( and then it was really dumb how Mark was divorcing vanessa. i almost thought for a minute that he was falling in love with juno and assumed they would live with the baby together and so on. but it was a good ending because Juno returns to vanessa's house and leaves a note on the doorstep saying "if youre still in, im in." which was nice because in the end, she gets the baby.

it was a very good movie, i was impressed with the nice story for it and liked the dialouge and all the little details they've added in there to make it realistic and believable. It was interesting and a good movie to get into. It sure wasnt boring!


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