Big Bang is hilarious!

My friend told me about this show and she said it was laugh out loud funny. I guess she was right because when i saw a couple of episodes online I was ROTFL! okay that was a bit much, but it is! It has kind of dry humor at times but its funny because there's a bunch of nerds and this pretty girl who lives across the hall. Leonard seems to have a crush on her and Sheldon is just the funniest. When Penny is talking about something, she may be sarcastic and then Sheldon will go nerdy on her and rationalize what she said with a bunch of big words and her and Leonard will just sit there like "wow,shut up already".

I look forward to seeing the new episodes on mondays. My friend has AWESOME taste in TV shows. She also said The Unit, How I Met Your Mother, Cane and Numb3rs were good shows too, all on CBS.


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