$$ Mad Money $$

To be honest I didn't find this movie all that interesting. It didn't really go anywhere and it was pretty predictable. My favorite thing about it is that the husband of that one lady was the guy from cheers. It reminded me of all the other shows and movies of like, secret spies that rob the banks and noone ever knows it was them, but then the guy finds out and then joins them. it was ridiculous. i thought it was funny how the husband was flushing money down the toilet and the weird coulple in the mobile home exploded the house and drives off in an RV. it was kinda funny. the good thing about it is that the husband(sam from cheers) had all this backround knowledge about the goverment system and stuff and then that mobile home guy goes and invests in stocks with more than 10,000 dollars and then the cops are onto them. BIG TIME. it was an okay movie. i dont expect to see any movies like this for a while. ME NO LIKEY. :(


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