New Amsterdam

Wow. I've watched the show premeiere and it looks great. I think this is going to become a favourite for many, including myself. I think the concept of the show makes it very interesting. And at first it took me a moment to put the pieces together to figure it out and I like that about it. I think it was cool how it kept showing like flashbacks to when he is with this tribe or something. Oh and it was so cool (and weird) how he was like dead, and then they showed him dying near the poelple fro the tribe, and then shes like blowing smoke at him and then in present day, he jumps up from under the sheet where the doctors pu him, and he was alive. Oh and when he was near the train, he sees like all these women and stuff and collapses.

As you can tell, you'd definitely have to see the first episode and the more to come. I hope the show turns out great and super interesting, because this week they definitley left us off on a cliffhanger. :) So I wish this show much luck for the episodes to come. I highly recommend this show. It seems very very cool.

Oh and some parts are kind of funny, (depending on how you look at it) LOL


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