House Season 5?

Amber dies, House is in a car crash, the House/Wilson relationship is damaged.After all the crazyness with the writers strike and the drama in the show, will they be able to top it in the upcoming season 5?

I'm hoping they can because the season finale and starting with "Frozen" was so crazy getting me off the couch and face to face with my TV screen. If they want the show to improve, they may have to mess with the House/Wilson thing and maybe see some action for House involving Cuddy would make it interesting...

What do you think?


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Aug 29, 2008 1:40AM EDT

Is anyone else worried about House/Wilson. I mean, it was a great bang to their relationship...and a chance for Wilson to finally assert his role in House's life (by leaving House will realize how much he needs him) but now I'm all nervous again because of the new previews...Wilson resigning? And what idiotic thing is House going to do to try an get him to stop?
I really don't want to believe they would drop Robert Sean Leonard, the House/Wilson friendship gives us some awesome chemistry from Leonard and Laurie so it would be stupid to drop him, and I don't see anywhere that his contract is being dropped but I"m still nervous. It's all on pins and needles. I'm excited and nervous at the same time.
I can't wait! Just a couple more weeks.

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