Failure to Launch: Review

This is a great movie. An appropriate romantic comedy, which I really enjoyed. If you don't know what it's about, here it is. Tripp has been living with his parents for too long, so they figured if he got a girldfriend he would get out. Paula is just the girl for the job. My favorite actress of all time, Sarah Jessica Parker, portrays the role of Paula, who basically pretends to be people's girlfriends for a living. But when she finally finds herself beginning to actually enjoy her job, the cat is out of the bag...

I love the story and the connection between the two main characters. Tripp and his friends are funny on thier own. One of my favorite scenes being when they go rock climbing. You have seen one of Tripp's friends in National Treasure with Nicholas Cage.

Paula's roommate, is over the top. Paula is probably the only one that can deal with her eccentric mood swings, and they do end up realizing what good friends they are in the end. You may have seen Paula's friend in Yes Man with Jim Carrey.

Overall, it was a really good movie. Very funny, and interesting, and I love all of the actors/actresses. The movie was filmed great as well. The colorful backgrounds really made the movie "pop" and it was just more fun to watch.

I would recommend this highly to anyone who favors comedy, romantic comedy, or anything with Sarah Jessica Parker (Like I do). Hahaha.


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