Dark Knight = Naptime

I was pretty dissapointed in the movie. It was good but stupid!

Christian Bale is BATMAN! Why wasnt his part more interesting?

Heath Ledger = Great. The movie came to a stop when he wasnt on screen. I was totally out of it when he wasnt on screen. I was dissapointed. They might as well have named the movie "Joker". HA

And what happened to scarecrow? Like WTF. He's in the beginning and then he never shows up in the rest of it? What happened?

The beginning was good I like the whole robbing the bank thing. IDK I was blown away by Harvey! It was so cool! They made him two faced. The coin thing was cool. Two heads! I LIKE IT! Thumbs way up!

The screenplay was cool, I like the scene where Joker and Batman are in the interrogation room. That was good. But I was still dissapointed that the writers didn't make batman more interesting and that would have made the movie keep moving. IDK all i can say is that I was dissapointed. It was good, but still.

Do you agree?


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Large newrachelimage

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Aug 7, 2008 9:29PM EDT

Interesting thoughts.I wouldn't call myself disappointed by any means, but I do agree with you that in the very least Batman had a less interesting/less important role than other supporting characters (Joker and Two-Face) and certainly in comparison to Batman Begins, where Christian Bale was the clear star. I felt like this was way more of an ensemble film than Batman Begins, with Heath Ledger and Aaron Eckhart definitely stealing the show.

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