Race to Witch Mountain

This was a very good movie! Kinda slow in the beginning, but then got really into some action, racing and a crazy alien assassin. The chosen actors were good for the characters. They played thier roles well. The screen play was interesting and the plot kept me guessing.

In the beginning, we dont really understand what exactly is going on, just as Jack, one of the main characters, is finding out just as we are. As things get hectic for the characters, you may find yourself on the edge of your seat.

Some parts are icky and weird, and at some moments you feel similar emotions as the characters. I really got into it and I feel that it was a good movie, assuming so is the 60's version of "Escape to Witch Mountain", which I have yet to see.

My favorite part was where the clone troopers get into Jack's van. It was a funny encounter. The ending may or may not turn out as you thought, but it ends up a good conclusion for the story.


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