No Reservations

This movie was very very good. There were so many things that kept me watching. There was romance and cooking and the little girl was a very god fit for the part. Good drama and very well written storyline. I liked how the guy who came in to the kitchen took over her job almost and she got mad at him, but then they end up falling in love. I think that in between the lines, the little girl was bringing them together.

The beginning was sad, but it kind of gives the rest of it more meaning. Paying attention to the minor details would help you get the point of the movie.

The ending was good and I liked how the restaurants name was all of their names put together. It was on a sign in the window and the girl turns the sign so her name is on the top.

It was a very cute film and perhaps one of my favourites. It is a good film to see with the family and perhaps a good one to sit at home with your significant other, (since its a romance) but its a comedy as well so i'd highly recommend watching it because its bloody great!



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