Step Up 2 | The Streets

OMG! today me and my sis went to go see this movie and it was insanely awesome. you have to go see it. man the dancing was insanly good and if you liked the first step up, you will love this one. the new dancers are great and the battles are insane. theres a whole new storyline and a lot less drama than the first. there is also an emotional side to the story but i wont ruin it for you. :) see in the beginning it starts out with this girl who happens to be Tyler's sister. and the story moves on with her. shes got this crew called the 410 and she has gotten into so much trouble that she is faced with a dilema. she ends up starting this crew with this guy she meets that she just happends to know and they pick out all the kids with the weirdest talents and brings them together. its pretty sweet because at first they get turned down but once they improve, boy did they kick butt. So her brother Tyler battles her in the streets to decide if she is getting sent away to her aunts or if she stays in her hood. but theres a catch Tyler has made to the deal. and youll have to watch to find out because i dont want to be a party poooper. so anyway the coreography is really good. and i loved the dancing. its really entertaining and its cool because i breakdance myself but im withheld to my seat because im a cripple. but anyway, its an awesome movie and i give it a bajillion stars. awesome and greatness all in one. *****


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