Angie??? any thoughts?

so wats going on with angie? is she an agent for JANIS? or it is actually true love? and im thinking it is true love but why did she keep the photos of her and henry, and there were codes on the photos, so if angie and henry were dating, why were sarah's codes on the photo?


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Nov 22, 2008 2:11PM EST

i have more to add; hmmm i think sarah's codes were on the photos becos sarah and angie were roomates right? but the timing would be alittle off, becos sarah wrote her codes on angie and henry's photo but she had said tht "she made contact with henry" and henry says he dated sarah first b4 an "accident". so tht means sarah was around when angie and henry were dating to leave a code on their photo, but how can tht be if she is supposed to be gone?
this would all makes sense if Dr Skinner is lying and angie is really a JANIS agent and they just switched angie n sarah up, since he preferred angie and JANIS arranged an "accident" for sarah and angie took her place. any thoughts?

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