Can't Believe it's Ending.

Sadly for Me when I first caught this show in 3 Season when I had no clue what was happening. Lol. Lucky with Youtube where there's a million of everything about this show on there. So, I've been very lucky enough to see Season 1 on Logo this time around, and So forth on here. Anywho, This show is gonna go down in History with me. If anyone ever asked me what was the best drama series you've ever watch, It's the L word Hands Down. And that's never gonna change. So, when I turn about 18 or so I'll will be buying the Show and keep it forever. Cause, it's my favorite. :] So, Sad it's ending. D: Gonna miss it Dearly. One Great Show to Remember.


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Oct 9, 2008 2:59AM EDT

You think thats sad, i was introduced to this show right at the beginning of Season 5 so i had NOOOO idea what went on but thankgod for a friend of mine who has all the seasons. only afew months till season 6 starts and i feel like its ended way to quickly! The cast is amazing, everything about the l word is - its a great shame cutting the show so quick, i dont believe there is enough time to conclude the lives of such characters. Its a shame u have to be 18 to own it, here in Australia its 15 years. I completely agree with you, i think this show will DEFINATELY go down in history.The L Word shall ALWAYS live!

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