Felon - Review

Felon is a well produced compelling Prison drama that assaults your senses and pulls you down for a journey into the corrupt underworld of the American penal system.

Wade Porter (Dorff) is a normal family man with a wife and young son. He’s just received a business loan and is about to expand his company when his home is broken into. In an attempt to protect his family he ends up killing the burglar. Due to circumstances he’s convicted of involuntary manslaughter and sent to prison for three years. His life quickly turns into a world of race related conflicts and violent gang initiations, all forced on him by the fight or die lifestyle of state prison. He’s eventually involved with the death of a fellow inmate and sentenced to additional time at the SHU (a maximum security facility.) This puts a heavy strain on his wife Laura (Nichols) who is struggling to support the family and keep their marriage alive.

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